29 minutes | Dec 19th 2020

Queer Clothing with Gina Pecoraro

Gina Pecoraro joins The EntreQueerNeur Show with Asa Leveaux to discuss Seven Even Clothing and what they offer to the LGBTQ community. Gina the creator and owner of the LGBTQ company, Seven Even Clothing. She started the company after getting married to a man back in 2005 and finally realizing and accepting who I was. Gina started this brand to give more of an option to represent the LGBTQ community other than through rainbows. Connect with Gina IG: @SevenEvenClothing Facebook: @SevenEvenClothing Tiktok: @SevenEvenClothing Twitter: @7EvenClothing Connect with Asa www.asaleveaux.com Enroll in $10K Society www.10ksociety.co
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