29 minutes | Dec 6th 2020

Connection and Kindness with Abe Dickison

Abe Dickison joins The EntreQueerNeur Show with Asa Leveaux to discuss the intention behind the success of a one-of-a-kind companion that brings bravery with every hug. Abraham Dickison (he/him) is a Minneapolis, MN based entrepreneur, designer, and husband. A trans man with a non-binary lean, because labels have never fit quite right, and overall queer person. Abraham is the owner of ABE Studios a design strategy agency that focuses on creating jobs with a compassion and understanding for the needs of trans folks, but really just jobs that allow employees to be people first. He is also the founder of Brave Bear, an organization that seeks to create opportunities to inspire moments of kindness and connection to strengthen the support circles of LGBTQ+ folks. Being a trans entrepreneur has been a struggle but he has learned that recognizing and having compassion for your challenges can take you a long way (and a bit of luck). Connect with Abe @bravebearpride Facebook.com/bravebearpride Connect with Asa Leveaux www.asaleveaux.com
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