42 minutes | May 16th 2020

Clout vs. Authenticity with Life Coach Leo Brown

Leo Brown joins "The EntreQueerNeur Show with Asa Leveaux" to discuss what it means to live a life of authenticity rather than sharing for clout sake. Despite the odds placed before him, (told by doctors that he wouldn't live past the age of 30, born with cerebral palsy.) At the age of 21, Leo discovered that he, like others in his family, possessed what people called 'The Gift'. As time went on, Leo decided to take the time to develop his intuition and soon noticed that he could not only help people to heal but heal himself. He is embarking on his mission of helping people from all over the world. With clients ranging from A-list celebrities to the boy/girl next door. For more information visit www.asaleveaux.com
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