42 minutes | Dec 12th 2020

Allyship with Wendell Britt

Wendell Britt joins The EntreQueerNeur Show with Asa Leveaux to discuss what it means to master the game of allyship by leveraging your unique superpower for social change. Wendell Britt is the creator of Mastering the game of allyship, a course designed to help people break out of the guilt shame and avoidance spiral that comes from our culturally derived narrative that allyship must be hard painful work. Wendell’s mission is to increase the number and quality of effective allies in the world by helping people identify, dialogue with, and inhabit the personality parts holding people back from showing up as effective allies. His approach is a mixture of parts integration psychology, integral theory and his experience as a game master and storyteller Connect with Wendell Twitter/Instagram- @wendell_britt Coupon code: Entrequeernuer For free access to Discovering your Allyship superpower masterclass and $150 off Mastering the Game of Allyship Both can be found at integralemergence@xperiencify.io Connect with Asa www.asaleveaux.com Enroll in $10K Society www.10ksociety.co
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