33 minutes | Sep 7, 2021

The Psychology Behind Creating Urgency to Convert Customers Authentically

Have you been struggling to tap into your market and create long-lasting, authentic customer relationships? In today’s episode with Jack Born, we will learn about “The Psychology Behind Creating Urgency to Convert Customers Authentically.” Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  Learn how important Psychology is to business. Learn about the power of deadlines.  Learn about Deadline Funnel and how it has been impacting businesses globally.  Episode Highlights Ways Psychology Affects Business  Jack shared that the fundamentals of business are a mixture of Psychology and Mathematics. However, with marketing and sales, Psychology and communication are the main pillars for a business to stand on.  Jack shares how he found out things about the human brain and the psychology behind how it reacts to buying or trying a product and the decision-making process.   The Benefits of Utilizing Deadlines  Jack shares how establishing a deadline for signing up for a product he was launching changed his life and business.  Deadlines are essential and encourage people to take action to be a part of a launch.  Deadlines will not fix fundamental flaws in your messaging. If the message or the pitch is not acceptable or substantial it will not allow you to reap the benefits of customers, subscribers, or potential clients in creating urgency to be a part of your launch.  Deadlines magnify the results of offers customers are interested in.     Things to consider when trying to effectively launch a product: The time – Assess the trends in your market of choice to determine how long you want the product launch to last. The typical launch time ranges between 4-10 or 5-9 days.  Whatever time an entrepreneur uses to launch a product should give them enough time to: a) educate your audience on what the product is and its uses; b) allow potential clients to develop a sense of trust in the product; c) establish your authority in this particular field or area of expertise;  d) communicate and interact with your potential audience and clientele.    Establish a deadline – Customers understand the impact or premise of a deadline. By adding a deadline, consumers are encouraged to make final decisions quicker to help entrepreneurs know who is interested.  3 Powerful Quotes from This Episode   “Everything  that you do is either adding to your trust and credibility with your audience or it’s detracting.”   “You’re going to have long-term success if you take a long-term vision and approach with your business.”   “One of the fundamental components of a powerful offer is a deadline.”   About Jack Born     Jack Born is the Founder of Deadline Funnel. Jack is also the founder of several successful software companies. He lives and breathes marketing and sales psychology, and loves sharing what he knows with entrepreneurs and improving businesses through the software he has developed. He offers training that helps entrepreneurs improve their business and has spoken at many international events spreading his knowledge and expertise.    Curious about Jack’s work? Check out his  business website  Have specific questions? You can reach out and follow Jack on LinkedIn, and his personal website.   Enjoy this Podcast? If you enjoyed today’s episode of The Entrepreneurial You, hit subscribe and share it with your friends! Post a review and share it! Also if you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your family and friends, and colleagues, so they can feel empowered and encouraged to pursue their business. Have any questions? You can contact me through email (henekawatkisporter@gmail.com) or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Thanks for listening! For more updates and episodes, visit my website. You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.  Grab your FREE Guide: How to use – and benefit from – Ease Magnesium, the super supplement for everyone. Stay inspired, Heneka  
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