27 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile To Increase Visibility & Boost Your Sales

What does your digital introduction say about you? In this episode, we are joined by Donna Serdula as we discuss “Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile To Increase Visibility & Boost Your Sales.” Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  Learn the importance of a LinkedIn profile  Discover how you can build a strong online presence using your LinkedIn profile.  Learn how you can engage with the right connections to benefit personally and professionally.      Episode Highlights The Importance of a Linked in Profile    Donna shares how a personal experience ledn her to tap into the benefits of having an engaging LinkedIn profile.  Donna describes a LinkedIn profile as a digital-first impression.  She shares that a LinkedIn profile allows you to control your narrative and the way others perceive you. It allows people to get a better look and feel of who you are and your capabilities. How to build a strong LinkedIn Presence    Donna says that one of the struggles professionals face is the lack of ability to write about themselves.  Donna lists a few key factors to consider when building a strong LinkedIn profile: Know your goal/target audience – Figure out the intention behind creating your profile and ask questions such as, is it for a job? Is it to build a network? Etc.  Write a profile that’s strategic and targets that particular audience. Know what people are searching for and use keywords that will help your potential audience to find you.  Ensure the imagery of your profile checks out – Do you have things like a good profile photo, background graphic, and customized headline?    How often should I post on Linkedin? How often you post on LinkedIn depends on how large of a platform or the following a person has. Persons with a large number of following may post once or five times per day but, a person with a small following does not need to post every day as LinkedIn is more interested in quality posts rather than the number of posts. What should I focus on?   Donna emphasizes that LinkedIn is not a space for selling. She says it should be used to add value to connections through articles and stories. It is necessary to use hashtags when using LinkedIn so posts can be discovered by other like-minded individuals or people looking for the information you’re sharing.  Donna also highlights the importance of audience and user engagement when it comes to Linkedin. She says users should interact with their target audience and it will also help their content to be noticeable when it is shared.  Donna also shares that using scheduling tools can be helpful at times however, LinkedIn puts a cap on those posts so, it is better to post in real-time. She also states that automation tools are frowned upon by LinkedIn.    Making Sales on LinkedIn Donna shares that sales is a numbers game but LinkedIn is a place for research and business intelligence. It helps to make sales if you first find your audience then engage with them constantly before trying to reach out to offer a product or service.    LinkedIn Content Donna states that over time LinkedIn has become more personable. Though those posts do well, users need to set boundaries as it is a space for more professional sharings and connections versus personal ones.    Optimizing your content based on analytics  Donna shares that LinkedIn has a particular ebb and flow and seasonality about it, unlike other applications. As such there will be times when posts receive a high level of engagement and other times when it is low. However, users should ensure they evaluate their connections, use the right hashtags and ensure that they too are engaged with others in order to be engaged by other users.   3 Powerful Quotes from This Episode “People are checking you out whether you recognize it or not, and you have the ability to set forth how you want others to perceive you.” “LinkedIn doesn’t reward quantity, it rewards quality.” “If you’re not finding success, think “about how am I branding myself? How am I showcasing myself? Do I have everything that I need so the universe can deliver those opportunities to me?”   About Donna Serdula  Having spent over 15 years working in Business to Business sales and marketing in the technology industry, Donna Serdula experienced firsthand what it means to market your business on the Web and forge strong digital relationships with clients and prospects. In 2009, Donna utilized her background in professional sales and marketing to launch Vision Board Media, a Social Media, Executive Branding, and Internet Marketing consulting firm dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in establishing a powerful presence on the Internet. Donna now uses her experience and knowledge to teach small to medium-sized businesses how to utilize the Internet to drive revenue and promote their business. Donna Serdula is also the author of the popular business book, LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies published by Wiley. Donna enjoys public speaking and often serves as a guest speaker on the “Benefits of Social Media. Curious about Donna’s work? Check out her website. Have specific questions? You can reach out and follow Donna on Twitter and LinkedIn..    Enjoy this Podcast? Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review and follow this podcast. 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