37 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

New Year, New You: Why Health Is Wealth

I am pleased to share with you that over the next 5 weeks I will be releasing the presentations from speakers at the Slow Down & Live: Health is Wealth virtual event that was held in January. I am excited to share these recordings because I learnt so much and I know you perhaps didn’t get to attend and even if you did, a replay would be good. You may remember that my motivation came from my own personal experience with my health that was challenged. I am committing to staying healthy and I want you to as well. You will be hearing topics a follows:

  1. ➡️New Year, New You: Why Health Is Wealth
  2. ➡️Parenting And Behavioural Health In Caribbean Children
  3. ➡️Food As Medicine: Why A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet May Be The Answer To Your Health Problems
  4. ➡️Miracle Mineral: Magnesium As A Response To Burn Out
  5. ➡️Adrenal Fatigue: Why Aren’t More Medical Doctors Diagnosing It?

Today, I am starting with Dr Nsombi Jaja as she talks about New Year, New You: Why Health Is Wealth.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 
  1. Identify how to take care of your body so it can function in such a way that cooperates with our mind , spirit and emotions  to create the life we want.
  2. Learn about the 4 critical dimensions of our lives that we build our dreams on.
  3. Hear Dr Jaja’s first hand account of what it means when you neglect your health.
Episode Highlights
  • Dr Nsombi Jaja mentions ways the body warns us and how to pay attention and take action 
  • She reminds us that its important to rest without guilt. 
  • Dr Jaja reminds us that we should take nothing for granted and that self care should be a continuous thing. 
  • We are told to appreciate life and what we have before we are forced to appreciate what we had.


4 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

If one leg of the stool is defective the whole stool is dysfunctional

Take care of your body so it can function in such a way that cooperates with our mind , spirit and emotions  to create the life we want”

We think we can do everything the mind tells us but often times our body cannot cooperate

Neglecting ourselves has a way of catching up to us


About Dr Nsombi Jaja

Dr. Nsombi Jaja, P.M.P; SMC, SAMC, C.M.C. is the managing director of Quality Management Consultancy Co. Ltd., a consulting practice, providing advice to the business community in the areas of strategic management, quality management, leadership development and customer service management. She founded this company in 1986 and it is now a recognized Regional consulting firm with clients and associates throughout the English-speaking Caribbean. She is the President of Quality

Management Consultancy Inc. USA located in South Florida and a member of the board of the Institute of Caribbean Studies located in Washington DC.

For the past 20 years Nsombi has worked with the leadership teams of client organizations assisting them with strategic management, quality management, customer experience management and change management. 

Curious about Dr Jaja’s work? Check out her website

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