43 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

Miracle Mineral: Magnesium As A Response To Burn Out

As we continue our health and wellness journey, I must tell you I am super excited to share today’s episode because we are going to be looking at what has become my favourite food supplement and that is Magnesium. Ian Clark founded Activation Products out of a personal health crisis like me who created the Slow Down & Live Health Summit as a result of health challenges that I faced in 2020.  Stay tuned as Ian shares with us on the topic of ‘Miracle Mineral: Magnesium As A Response To Burn Out.’  Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  Learn how Magnesium functions in the body. Learn about the different forms of Magnesium and how we can take it.  Hear about Ian Clark’s personal experience with his energy’s and what his own imbalance taught him about life and how to get the best out of it.  Episode Highlights   Your Body Demands Magnesium   Low Magnesium levels can affect brain power, our Immune system, Endocrine system,  Metabolism, Nervous system, Digestive system, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular system, and many other aspects of your bodily function.   Magnesium among other necessary minerals is found in some of the food we eat. However, over the years this has depleted as a result of practices such as mono farming and agricultural businesses that focus on mass-producing rather than quality production.    Magnesium Can Affect the Body’s Nervous System  The body’s control system is the Autonomic nervous system. This system has two arms which are the Sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Both of these systems must operate synchronized to avoid sympathetic stress lock. This kind of lock-in can result in the inability to digest and heal properly. However, with the correct levels of Magnesium, this can be avoided or corrected.  Magnesium affects your entire human operating network. Therefore, lack of this mineral can affect things such as your brain function and result in brain fog and anxiety as well as it may affect your instinct and your passions. Magnesium a Day Keeps the Doctor Away   A lack of Magnesium has a creeping effect on one’s body and it can trigger a series of illnesses that can turn into long term underlying issues. The body operates with three energies; Chi, Jing, and Shen. Our Chi Energy has to do with the energy we put into our body via food.   People are often advised to eat as organic as possible and maintain a healthy diet to avoid the burnout that comes as a result of bad Chi.  Jing Energy is recognized as the body’s natural battery. The energy we are born with contributes to length and quality of life.  Jing energy is very sensitive and is sometimes abused because people fail to find the balance between the Chi and the Jing. A lack of rest and poor eating habits force our bodies to tap into more of our Jing than we should have, which results in us taking years off our life without even realizing it.  Our Shen Energy is our character and how we treat others. Our Chi and Jing affect our Shen so it is important to find a balance and live better. All three of these energies can be affected by having the right amount of Magnesium or the lack thereof, Therefore it is important to have Magnesium in some way shape or form to increase your quality of life.  It won’t be an overnight process but we are reminded that micro-adjustments can yield macro results.   3 Powerful Quotes from This Episode “Little things that we miss are extremely important because they have a gradual impact on our life on a cumulative basis.” “There are so many wonderful things that happen in your body  when you bring your magnesium levels up.” “This is the cheapest  insurance policy you can give yourself which is to make sure you are investing in yourself everyday with the proper form of Magnesium. ”   About Ian Clark   Ian Clark is the founder of  Activation Products. At 46 years old Ian was faced with a number of life-threatening health issues and he was forced to start searching for solutions. He refused to accept the dire circumstances in which he found himself so he decided to pursue a natural path to healing.    Clark traveled the globe researching, uncovering potent remedies and whole foods with powerful natural health benefits. After five years of intense research and learning what it takes to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, Clark set out to share that information with others. With his sons and the support of a team of innovators, Activation Products was born with Ian as a Trustee and quickly grew into a company that helps tens of thousands of people achieve their health goals every day.   Curious about Ian Clark’s  work? Check out his website.  Have specific questions? You can reach out and follow Ian on LinkedIn.  Enjoy this Podcast? Your health is your wealth, take care of it. Help others to do that too by sharing this episode with them.  Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your family and friends, colleagues and fellow business owners, so they can feel empowered and encouraged to pursue their business. Have any questions? You can contact me through email (henekawatkisporter@gmail.com) or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Thanks for listening! For more updates and episodes, visit my website. You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.  Before you go, I have something I want to share with you to make your social media management easier. It is way less time-consuming than anything else you will ever try. You will be able to improve your team and clients’ collaboration and productivity. I am talking about eClincher. You can finally get around to doing that project you’ve always wanted to work on.  Signup for a free 14-day trial using my affiliate link. Whether you are an SME, Agency or Enterprise, eClincher is for you. Sign up today. 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