26 minutes | Oct 19, 2021

Inner Skills in the Post-Pandemic Economy

Sounds True is one of the world’s leading wisdom-based multimedia companies whose mission is to wake up the world. They publish groundbreaking authors and teachers with topics ranging from mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, trauma therapy, and more. Today  we are joined by Founder Tami Simon in a riveting discussion about “Inner Skills in the Post-Pandemic Economy.” Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  Discover how to connect with your inner self  Learn about the importance of proper breathing. Hear tips about how to be grounded. Episode Highlights What are inner skills? Tami shares that our outer skills have to do with how we interact with people and take our cues from our culture and environment. She says these skills are affected by how we measure ourselves along the metrics given to us by the world and its influences.  She explains that our inner skills look at what we deem valuable and how we measure success.   She emphasizes that inner skills are best realized when we figure out how connected we are to our sense of purpose, the people we work with, and the things we do.  Tami says we have to use our inner lens to decide our own metric of success that we will look back on at the end of our lives and decide whether or not we achieved what we came to earth to do. She explains that knowing our inner metrics helps to guide us to work towards the things we actually want to achieve and focus on fulfilling them.    How do you know you’re disconnected from your inner self?  Tami explains more often than not people experience a disconnect from their inner self. She explains that it usually results in feelings of depression, unaccomplishment, lack of purpose or reason for being, and not being sure of what to create or how to contribute to others.  Tami says that a turn of attention can help one to come back from that feeling of disconnectivity.  She says that we often create a delusion of disconnection in our minds which usually is the thing that triggers but, something as simple as admiring nature can allow us to reconnect.  Tami explains that simple acts of reconnecting help to develop the inner skill of relaxing. She says relaxing teaches us to feel the connection that tells us what is unique for us to do amidst the challenges we face in life.  How To Stay Grounded in a Pandemic Tami explains that feeling connected in your body is the first step to feeling grounded.    She encourages connection exercises within our bodies that help us move away from our internal thoughts and truly experience and live in the moment.    How To Breathe and its Importance   Tami explains the importance of breathing properly and the ways in which it impacts our lives.  She also says the more a person can enjoy each breath they take, the healthier their breathing will be because it’s no longer a quick action but an experience.  Tami explains that good breathing is essential to our health; she says it helps us have a clearer mind which benefits decision-making even in challenging experiences.  Can You Train Inner Skills? How ? Tami shares that her past experiences along with studies have helped her to train her mind.  She also explains that by training our minds to be in the present with our bodies, our thinking becomes focused on what is needed in the moment rather than things of the past or the future.  She says we can all train our minds by intentionally engaging in daily practices to be more present.  She talks about the ‘feet and seat’ technique and the ways it can help people to come into a feeling of groundedness.  Tami explains that she values people who are grounded and how groundedness can cause a person to be more effective.  Tami explains that our heart is our greatest resource of inner wisdom. She encourages us to get grounded and follow our hearts.    4 Powerful Quotes from This Episode “The exhale is a chance to let go of stress.” “If you’re not grounded, you’re not in touch.” “The greatest resource of inner wisdom is our heart.” “Have the courage to listen to the wisdom of your heart. ”   About Tami Simon  Tami Simon is the founder of Sounds True, a multi-media publisher dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom. Over its 22 year history, Sounds True has produced over 600 titles, been nominated twice for the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies, and is North America’s leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings. In 1985, at age 22, Tami Simon started Sounds True, now a multi-media publisher, with a dream, a tape recorder, and a $50,000 inheritance she received upon the death of her father. Though she had no business experience and only a vague idea of what she wanted the company to be, Tami had her guiding principle strongly in place: to “disseminate spiritual wisdom.” In the early days, Tami began by recording conferences and interviews with teachers like Ram Dass and Stephen Levine. She broadcasted portions of these recordings on a radio show that she hosted on Boulder County Public Radio, and then made the cassettes of the entire recordings available for purchase. As the years passed, Sounds True established their popular direct mailing catalog and in 1990, moved away from conference recordings to audio programs recorded in a studio setting. This led to the evolution of Sound True’s signature style—unscripted recordings that capture the charisma, energetic transmission, and “living wisdom” of the teacher.In the years to follow, Sounds True expanded into bookstores, developed audio learning courses, engaged in profound donation programs including the prison library project, began distributing spiritual and healing music, produced its first videos on spiritual practice, made ownership in the company available to long-term employees, launched a book publishing division, made downloadable content available, and recently launched its first live webstream event. Over 600 titles, and 2 million catalogs per year later Tami has grown Sounds True into North America’s leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings, and one of the world’s very first organizations to operate along genuinely Integral principles, with the emphasis on “multiple bottom lines” of purpose, profit, people, and the planet.   Curious about Tami’s work? Check out her website and her Inner MBA programme.  Have specific questions? You can reach out and follow Tami on LinkedIn.  Enjoy this Podcast? Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your family and friends, colleagues and fellow business owners, so they can feel empowered and encouraged to pursue their business. Have any questions? You can contact me through email (henekawatkisporter@gmail.com) or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Thanks for listening! For more updates and episodes, visit my website. You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.  Before you go, I have something I want to share with you to make your social media management easier. It is way less time-consuming than anything else you will ever try. You will be able to improve your team and clients’ collaboration and productivity. I am talking about eClincher. 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