25 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

Food as Medicine: Why a Whole Food Plant Based Diet May Be The Answer to Your Health Problems

Have you been enjoying the sessions on health and wellness? Remember it is very important that you ‘slow down and live. I am pleased to continue to bring you another  presentation from the Slow Down & Live: Health is Wealth virtual event that was held in January. I do hope that you were able to hear from Professor Jaipaul Roopnarine on Parenting And Behavioural Health In Caribbean Children. This week it is all about food and Hollan Hamid joins us to talk about Food As Medicine: Why A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet May Be The Answer To Your Health Problems.  Hollan Hamid is a big advocate of whole plant based foods as a way to prevent and treat health problems.    Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  You will identify how unhealthy eating habits can affect your overall health. You will learn simple plant-based everyday recipes that can be used as an alternative to regular recipes.  Hear Hollan give practical steps and tips on how someone can change to a plant based/ whole food diet.  Episode Highlights Eating Habits Affect Your Health  Hollan reflects on how a lack of proper boundaries as it relates to food and her eating habits as a young girl affected her health and triggered auto-immune disorders.  Hollan mentions how it impeded her life as a child as she had to stop from school at times due to illness and severe menstruation I’ll effects that later turned out to be endometriosis.  Hollan also explores how after undergoing surgery and developing Kidney stones, she decided to take charge of her health.  A Vegan Diet Improves Quality of Life  Hollan gives a breakdown of what kind of changes she experienced when she switched to a vegan diet.  She makes mention of  her improved  energy levels  and how much healthier she was as a person and even how much happier she was, as she lost weight and began to see improvements in her life.  After the Self-Work Comes the Network   Hollan took the time to educate herself on having a  vegan diet and made it her mission to teach others about it and its many benefits. She used her new found knowledge and background in foods to create recipes and mentions how she gained her love of food and love of health.  After understanding more about herself and her health, she realised that everybody is different and she set out to help others start their own health evolution.  Own Your Health  Hollan challenges us to answer the question, “Am I willing to break up with my current beliefs?” She reminds us how generational patterns affect our eating habits and many of the diseases that we are faced with or impacted by has a lot to do with family decisions as a collective and as an individual. She mentions putting a stop to certain generational habits and how that changes the outcome of her own children by making the changes in herself first.  A certain level of introspection is required to make changes in one’s diet in order for a person to own their health.  Holland teaches practical ways of owning one’s health and how humans should see themselves as evolving beings. She provides ways  in which one can find alternatives to to lead a more whole food based diet and get the best of it and the importance of listening to your own body to stay in tune to what works and what doesn’t.  Hollan explains that while she is not opposed to doctors and western medicine she believes that healing can come through just having a better/ healthier diet.  Tips to Make the Switch  Understand your WHY for wanting to do this Educate yourself  Take baby steps Focus on Nutrient-rich whole foods  Search and learn about Vegan restaurants and recipes  Drink more water  Eat more organic  Be easy on yourself  5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode “I started thinking about food as energy and nourishment as opposed to something that just tasted yummy and made me feel not hungry.” “Health is an evolution and every body is different.” “Things that run in my family do not run in me.” “Owning your own health is the ultimate freedom.” “In disease means out of ease and your body wants to be in ease.”   About Hollan Hamid Hollan Hamid is a mother, vegan chef, former restaurant owner, self-help junkie and a cookbook author. She has worn many hats but  believes that the only one that matters is her relationship with herself and her body.  She believes that when those two are aligned, everything falls into place. She lives on Kauai and believes it to be one of the  most beautiful places in the world. She writes cookbooks, books, blogs, programs and articles for a living and enjoys travelling and relocating whenever she feels that something is not right in her life. Her journey of health began 12 years ago when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and the doctor warned her that she had a 60% chance of developing  type 2 diabetes within the next decade. She also struggled with endometriosis and kidney stones and had surgery twice to try to correct it; however, it always returned. After realising that she was too young to have these issues she decided to take her  life and health into her hands. The first shift she had with her health was 11 years ago when she changed her diet to vegan. She now reports that her blood work looks better at 41 than it did at 29 and no longer suffers with endometriosis or kidney stones. She now feels in charge of her health and switches her habits when she doesn’t. Her other change came  5 years ago when  she started investing in workshops, books and people  that supported  her living her best life. She says that what she does know is that  health is an evolution and there is always room for growth. Curious about Hollan Hamid’s work? Check out her website.  Have specific questions? You can reach out and follow Hollan  on LinkedIn.  Enjoy this Podcast? Your health is your wealth, take care of it. Help others to that too by sharing this episode with them.  Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your family and friends, colleagues and fellow business owners, so they can feel empowered and encouraged to pursue their business. 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