45 minutes | Aug 3, 2021

Adrenal Fatigue: Why Aren’t More Medical Doctors Diagnosing It?

This is  the final episode in our ‘Slow Down and Live’ Health and wellness Series. It has been an informative and educational journey. We are closing out the series with a presentation by Dr Joan Lamle, who is actually my Naturopath.  Dr Lamle will be looking at the very prevalent but often misdiagnosed matter of Adrenal Fatigue, one of the things that I was diagnosed with. Stay tuned as Dr Lamle with us on the topic of ‘Adrenal Fatigue: Why Aren’t More Medical Doctors Diagnosing It?’  Dr. Joan Lamle is a Natural Health Consultant who specializes in lifestyle diseases with a special emphasis on women’s health.   Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  Learn about the Adrenal glands and the purpose they serve. Learn about the different stages of Adrenal fatigue.  Learn about the necessary  changes that need to be made to have  healthy adrenal function.  Episode Highlights   Our Adrenal Glands are more important than you think.   The Adrenal Gland is located just above the Kidneys and produces hormones that regulate metabolism, the immune system, blood pressure, and stress response. When you undergo chronic stress it leads to Adrenal Fatigue. The Adrenal gland releases Cortisol which regulates blood pressure in stressful situations or conditions i.e your fight or flight response. However, if constantly stressed this Cortisol can become harmful to the body in more ways than one.  Adrenal Fatigue and its progression to Adrenal Exhaustion occurs when the adrenal in the body is unable to turn off. This can be the result of things such as underlying infections, nutrition deficiencies, leaky gut syndrome, and an overload of toxicities. Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue  Adrenal Fatigue is much more common than we think and you might just be experiencing it at this very moment. Here are a few tips to help you spot the signs so you too can slow down and live.    Feeling tired but wired: even though you are tired you have a constant need to get things done.  Fatigue  Irritability  Low sex drive Trouble Sleeping  Cognitive Issues- Brain fog  Hormonal Imbalance  Depression  Increased Energy Levels in the Evenings  Craving of Salty and Sweet foods    Balance is Key  The body was made to help us survive therefore, we have to recognize how our actions can compromise our ability to do so. Adrenal exhaustion will affect us when the Adrenals can no longer meet the demands of its environment.  Whenever our systems are compromised by a lack of rest, nutrition, or otherwise, our body sends off alarms and the onus is on us to pay attention to these alarms.  We must therefore strike some kind of balance in our life to ensure our Adrenal system does not overwork itself.  As such we must consider several aspects of our lives and put thought into how our actions are affecting us.  Dr. Lamle explores nutrition and the things we should be having versus the ones we should avoid to repair and take care of our Adrenal System. She also solidifies the importance of rest as we have heard from several of our speakers in the ‘Slow down and live’ series.  Rest is very vital to our quality of life and can help to reduce stress hormones and improve adrenal function. Exercise is just as important as our body needs the ability to use some of the energy it stores and there are fun ways to do so, not to mention the rush of dopamine that comes at the end of a good workout.  Dr. Lamle also highlights the importance of healing your gut to restore overall balance in your body. Exposure to Sunlight is also an affirmative action for improved overall health as well as trusting in a divine power.  Research proves that persons with religious beliefs have better mental health and adapt more quickly to health challenges. Dr. Lamle’s final point on having balance was having Temperance so the body can operate at its best level.   3 Powerful Quotes from This Episode “The body was designed to protect itself.” “Healing your adrenal is more like a marathon than a sprint.” “Pure air, sunlight, temperance, rest, exercise, proper diet, water and faith are the best remedies for all diseases in the body.”   About Joan Lamle Dr Joan Lamle is a Naturopath and is the Director at  Health by Nature Wellness Stop. She is very passionate about using natural remedies to reverse all diseases and is fascinated by the human body. She believes that obedience to the laws of health can result in people being able to live a life free of disease.       Have specific questions? You can reach out and follow Ian on LinkedIn.   Enjoy this Podcast? Your health is your wealth, take care of it. Help others to do that too by sharing this episode with them.  Post a review and share it! 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