39 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

180: Body: How to Move Prevent Pain, Optimize Performance, and Perfect Your Posture with Daina Patel

Let’s get super honest. Addressing your business, your body, your balance, your inner-badass — none of these things are possible if you are in a state of chronic pain. When that headache, back pain — or whatever pain you are experiencing — emerges, everything else is moved to the side.


My guest today, Dr. Daina Patel, is a chiropractor and an expert in preventing chronic pain. She works with high-performing women, in particular, to address all of the lifestyle pieces that are either perpetuating the pain that they are feeling or to prevent the pain from manifesting in the first place. In this episode, she breaks down this notion of prevention and addressing chronic pain in a really comprehensive and amazing manner.


With all of us sitting around more than ever due to the current global pandemic, it’s especially important that we know about these key pieces of chronic pain prevention. Tune in with Dr. Patel and me to learn more about how to holistically approach the management and prevention of chronic pain, how your psychological state can manifest physical pain in the body, and the pieces you can begin to put into place immediately to perfect your posture, prevent pain, and optimize your performance!


Key Takeaways:

[1:25] About today’s episode.

[3:07] Welcoming Dr. Daina Patel to the podcast!

[4:18] Daina shares about her background and her clinical passions.

[6:17] Daina speaks about when her more holistic approach to managing pain began.

[9:48] How chronic pain can manifest even without an injury to trigger its onset.

[12:23] Daina speaks about when she begins to approach stress, sleep, and mindset in addressing chronic pain/preventing chronic pain with her clients.

[14:45] How stress causes further inflammation which causes more pain.

[16:11] How your psychological state can manifest physical pain in the body.

[18:08] The role movement plays in helping prevent chronic pain.

[21:22] How we can put together an exercise/movement plan to maximize our mobility.

[24:16] The importance of finding the yin and yang balance of working out.

[26:58] An important piece to slower workouts/cooling down.

[27:45] Daina addresses posture, the role it plays, and the key to achieving better posture!

[30:27] Daina’s thoughts on standing desks.

[30:44] Are there gadgets for better posture?

[31:52] About Fullscript!

[33:13] Dr. Daina Patel’s key performance indicators!

[35:35] Where to learn more about what Daina is up to!


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More About Dr. Daina Patel

Dr. Daina Patel is a chiropractor with a focus on women’s chronic pain. Her mission is to help busy women go from having their pain dictate what they can or cannot do to being confident in their body and moving with ease through their day. Instead of focusing on temporary relief solutions, she focuses on a holistic approach that gets to the root cause. Dr. Daina has dedicated her practice to the optimization of women’s health and to empower them to make better health choices.


In addition to her practice, she loves to spend time in the kitchen using all the newest tools and gadgets to make delicious food, especially to experiment and play around with recipes to make them healthier!


Connect with my Guest:

Website: DrDainaPatel.com

Instagram: @Dr.DainaPatel


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Finding that perfect yin and yang balance with your movement is a crucial piece in optimizing your mobility and preventing chronic pain. To get started on this journey, check out Dr. Daina Patel’s Top 6 Exercises for Back Pain as well as her 5-Day Posture Challenge! They’re both free and they’re great resources for getting started!


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