26 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

Part 2 - How to Write a Successful Business Plan for the Creative Industries

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This week we delve into Part 2 - Tips on How to Write a successful business plan for the creative industries. Following on from Part 1 of last weeks episode, we will be continuing a step by step guide on writing a business plan dedicated to artists, musicians, and bands for all the creativity needed to sustain a career in music, having a business plan is one way to stay properly grounded, and define your goals and objectives on paper.

For those of us on the ground level, having a plan can mean the difference between being able to make a living as a musician. But the most important suggestion from me, take it one step at a time! This kind of work can be really overwhelming for creatives. 

So, let us look at some key points to further your business plan for this episode: Putting a Press Kit together. What is your press package comprised or made of? Is there anything different about your press kit that makes this different in any way?  

Your Additional Merchandise. Are you selling other merchandise besides the recording/EP/Album project? I.e. T-shirts, Hats, Hoddies, Posters, Calendars, etc. Or are you selling previously released CDs/downloads — So how are you going to make money in this area? So, let’s take a look and prepare a killer business plan!


NEWS - ''Artist Spotlight''.

We are delighted to welcome our first artist to be featured on The Entertainment Engine – ''Artist Spotlight''.

Matu is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Patagonia, Argentina. Growing up, bands like The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Genesis, and Ben Howard have been a great influence on Matu. Matu is in the process of recording his first EP, and Out of Mist is the third single from it and he is planning to release the entire EP at the beginning of 2021.

Learn more about Matu - https://www.instagram.com/matu

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