20 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

Music Marketing strategies and Tips for Artists and Bands

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In this week's episode, we discuss essential marketing strategies and tips for your music, whether you're a band or an individual artist. 

So, how do bands and artists market themselves in the music industry today? 

Well, once you have decided that you’re getting serious about your music career, you know that you have to start putting in serious effort to come up with effective band marketing and PR ideas for your band. But if you haven’t gotten much farther than “making a Facebook page,” don’t worry — we’ve got some essential marketing strategies and tips for you.

Promoting a band or artist in this day and age is a very tricky business. Tools and tricks that worked a few years ago don’t work nearly as well today. Where listeners used to rely on full-length albums for their music, they’re now running to playlists. This means that to get the most out of promoting your band and artist, you’ll have to approach things a lot, differently. 

Well, we have some interesting ideas and tips to help you move forward from; Know your brand through to Looking at sponsorship and partnerships. Before you can market your band, you need to have your brand in place. What’s unique about your act? Which aspects of your story are the most compelling that really set you apart from every other band or artist out there?   

With sponsorship, we’re not talking about some huge, unattainable contract with a major international brand — you can partner with local businesses and work out a deal that’s simple, authentic, and mutually beneficial. Do some research on companies that are already working with bands similar to where you are in your music career. 

As you’ve read through these strategies, you’ve probably gathered by this point that it all really boils down to this - build genuine relationships that turn your casual fans into devoted superfans, and they’ll supplement all of your efforts with the most powerful marketing of all — word of mouth.

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