54 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

In conversation with Laura Hanke - Music Supervisor at Universal Production Music

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This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome Laura Hanke, Music Supervisor & Repertoire Assistant at Universal Music productions. We take a look at her role as a music supervisor and why she decided to work in the music industry and for that matter for one of the biggest record companies in the World. “From a classical song bird and vocal teacher to Electronic Pop Producer and now 3 years’ experience as a Music Supervisor, Laura believes hidden gems are underrated.”

Laura is certainly looking forward to what is to come for the future! She studied at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and received a Name Bachelor’s degree from her studies 2014–2017. Which gained her a Grade First Honours & Best Overall Student award. Laura started out as a junior marketing executive for Focus and became a brand ambassador for Rythem, her career then lead her onto the journey towards Music Supervision and working for Universal Production music, which took some time to gain her ideal job role with persistence, drive and lots and lots of patience! 

Laura is now part of the world’s leading Production music catalogue, and working across a broad variety of briefs which is extremely rewarding and exciting, not knowing what is around the corner as each day is totally different. Laura is in good company as The Universal Production Music team are behind the soundtracks to some of the UK’s biggest productions. The Universal Production Music heritage has evolved over decades into a diverse and comprehensive collection of labels. With offices in over 20 countries and an international network of sub-publishers, there reach and service levels are truly global. With over 45 albums released each month, the Universal Production Music catalogue covers all genres, moods, emotions, and project types and is created by an ever-expanding roster of hugely talented artists and composers around the globe; along side in-house creative teams dedicated to diversity, quality and authenticity.


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