30 minutes | Mar 16th 2020

James Ellsmoor: Innovating island Sustainability

James is an entrepreneur, digital nomad, and founder of island innovation. Where he helps islands transition towards low carbon energy sources and develop sustainable practices for the environment.

In this episode, James guides us through a conversation about the unique challenges islands face with energy generation and distribution, and how this particular problem results in a much higher electricity cost than most other parts of the world. We also discuss the effect tourism has on the economy and environment of many tropical islands, for good and for bad.

Last year, Island Innovation organized a virtual island summit, a remote conference that connected over 4000 representatives from islands around the world, James discusses the impact of this event and what lessons he took away from it.


Connect with James

Twitter: @jellsmoor

Learn more about Island Innovation: https://www.islandinnovation.co/

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