26 minutes | Mar 3rd 2020

The ROOT Cause of Baldness - Can Red Light Therapy Help? - EAD23

If you suffer from hair loss and wish there was a way to reverse your baldness so you can feel confident again, then this episode is for you.

Hair loss or alopecia affects more than half of the entire population worldwide; that’s more than 3.5 billion people who are losing their hair.[1]  And despite this, the medical industry has come up with only two approved drug treatment options, both of which can have devastating side effects and it’s questionable whether or not they even work.

Can red light therapy – a powerful treatment with no side effects – restore hair growth on a balding scalp?

In this presentation, you’ll learn the mainstream theory of hair loss, mainstream medical treatment options and some horror stories of people whose lives have been ruined by them.  Then you’ll learn what actually causes hair loss and whether or not red light therapy can help you restore hair growth.

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