30 minutes | Dec 12th 2019

25 Shocking Quotes about Cancer - EAD22

As many of you know when I was 12 years old my mother died of cancer.  Years later I wanted to find out what the hell happened and why she died such an agonizing death so I conducted an investigation into the cancer industry.  My conclusions were what most rational people will conclude when they look at the evidence – that my mother didn’t die of cancer; she was murdered for profit by an industry that cares more about making money than saving lives.

But I am far from the first person to ever come to this conclusion.  In fact, for hundreds of years, courageous doctors have been trying to warn the public about the cancer treatment industry and it’s murderous ways. 

In this episode, I will read to you 25 quotes from medical professionals who have been exposing the corruption and lies of the cancer industry.

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