55 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

John Pigott - CEO, ABE Global on Innovating Capital Markets with Auctions and Distributed Ledgers - E11

This week on the Encrypted Economy, our guest is John Pigott, CEO of ABE Global. ABE is an acronym for A Better Exchange, which is exactly what John has set out to build. John and I met years ago when he responded to a market structure article I had published, which I knew would take a special kind of market nerd to appreciate. John fit the bill, and we instantly hit it off. His appreciation for markets is unique and persistent. It even managed to define his years long motorcycle trip through Asia, which inspired the values he seeks to change the market with through ABE Global. Make sure to tune into this episode to hear about John’s vision for the marketplace, desires to help the common investor, and how distributed ledger technology can be the basis for it all. Keep an eye on ABE Global to follow his journey, and of course stay tuned to the Encrypted Economy for more great episodes! Topics Covered John’s Background Learning Markets on the White River Jade Why Do We Have Markets? What Makes ABE, A Better Exchange? Why the Market is Ready for ABE Integrating Tokenized Securities into the Market Why Blockchain is a Regulator’s Friend How ABE Uses Distributed Ledger Technology ABE’s Experience With Global Regulators The Need for a Common Market Language The Promise of Real Estate Investment Trusts ABE’s Rollout Timeline  Resource Links John’s LinkedIn ABE Global Website The Article That Brought John and I TogetherThe White Jade River The Arizona Stock Exchange Global (GDR) vs. American (ADR) Depository Receipts Katie Haun Profile Dread Pirate Roberts Case My DailyHodl Article on Global Blockchain Regulations Regulation NMS For Dummies TCP/IP Protocol Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) 
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