40 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

Ellison Anne Williams, CEO of Enveil, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Make Entirely New Things Possible

This week on The Encrypted Economy my guest is Ellison Anne Williams, the founder and CEO of Enveil, a Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) start-up. She founded the company in 2016 after spending 12 years at the NSAstudying the technologies that allow Enveil to encrypt data while in use. Ellison Anne has created cutting edge use cases for homomorphic encryption and other PETs which listeners of The Encrypted Economy will be very familiar with. As a result of this innovation, Enveil has been recognized by organizations like the World Economic Forum and Cybersecurity Ventures.  Don’t miss this episode of The Encrypted Economy as we continue our journey into PETs and keep an eye on Enveil as they continue to turn imagination into reality. Topics Covered Ellison Anne’s Background Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) as a Family The Journey of Homomorphic Encryption Where Homomorphic Encryption Works and Where it Doesn’t Enveil’s Unique Product Design PETs in DeFi & National Cybersecurity Securing Data in Use for Financial Services Enveil’s Umbrella Use Cases – Data Monetization The Components of the PET Family (HE, SMPC, & TEE) Homomorphic Encryption in Real Time Where will PETs be in Five Years? Resource List Ellison Anne’s LinkedIn Business Insider: 50  Cybersecurity Leaders Cybersecurity Ventures Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies Enveil’s Website  Ellison Anne’s Forbes Post on Homomorphic Encryption The Power of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) My Article on Homomorphic Encryption Enveil’sZeroReveal Products Trusted Execution Environments Our Episode with Brett Hemenway Falk on SMPC Our Episode with Kurt Rohloff on Homomorphic Encryption World Economic Forum – Technology Pioneers 2020 Ellison Anne’s 2017 RSAC Pitch Enveil on Twitter - @Enveil_Inc  
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