51 minutes | Jan 20, 2021

Empowering Women Podcast S3 Ep.1 : Stacy Cassio, Thinking Big and a New Mentorship Model

Episode 1 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women PodcastGUEST:  Stacy Cassio, Founder and CEO of the Pink Mentor NetworkBIO:  In 2017, Stacy Cassio founded the Pink Mentor Network, Charlotte NC’s first female mentorship community.  Followed by the creation of Pop-Up Mentor, a brand new model for mentorship in 2018.  Today, that model is being used by organizations of all sizes & industries to build transparent, scalable, measurable employee resource programs. Stacy is dedicating her life to reshaping how individuals seek & obtain mentorship, and helping organizations build cultures of mentorshipCONNECT WITH STACYLinkedIn  Twitter (@StacyCassio)   Facebook  Instagram (@pinkmentornetwork) LINKSPink Mentor NetworkPop Up Mentor:  Categories – Start, Lead, Expert, Innovate, Grow, SurviveEmpowering Women Website QUOTES“I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t learn from”“When you hear your intro, I’m getting better at soaking it all in because I think it’s really the grit, the dirt , the stuff that isn’t in that intro that really made me the woman I am.”Number 1 piece of advice on finding your purpose:  “Find that thing that you just feel hasn’t really been solved.”“At that moment, I was solving my own need.”On her mentor model journey:  “Create something different that would change it from that traditional pairing system and instead make it a community about the times in our lives when mentorship is super important.”“I think we put ourselves into boxes and we just forget that’s where we’re living.”“Challenge it all in 2021.  2021 will be the year of the experiment.”“Show up with the vision of your career – not your baggage”.“What we lived through doesn’t become valuable until it’s shared.”“Challenges you face should not be faced alone.”
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