59 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Empowering Women Podcast S3: Angela Hosking, Have a Heart: Even Superwoman Needs a Break

Episode 2 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women PodcastGUEST:  Angela Hosking, Founder and Owner of Her One TribeBIO:  Angela is a women’s empowerment and leadership speaker, author, workshop facilitator, coach and the owner of Her One Tribe, LLC.  She combines her 10+ years of healthcare executive leadership experience with her expertise as a women’s empowerment writer to deliver impactful workshops and motivational speeches.  Using her self-developed Personal Empowerment Framework as her cornerstone content, Angela educates and inspires national and international female audiences to unlock their confidence barriers and diminish their Imposter Syndrome thinking. Angela is the author of Woman on Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss and hosts an online community at HerOneTribe.com for aspiring women to find education, inspiration and support with their fellow sisters.CONNECT WITH ANGELALinkedIn  Facebook (@heronetribe) Instagram (@heronetribe) LINKSHer One TribeWoman on Top:  Lead Like a Lady BossThe Happiness Project by Gretchen RubinImposter Syndrome:  Pauline Rose ClanceBrave Bold Beyond Virtual SummitEmpowering Women WebsiteAmerican Heart AssociationQUOTESAngela’s motto “Empowering Women to Empower Women”“Never discount your early goals and passions.  I have found they come back later in your life and you’re able to fulfill them then.”“I’d been told and raised that in order to be successful in leadership I’ve got to be like the guys…. What I really wanted to bring to the table, to the team, was a different type of leadership.  One that was more authentic, more inclusive and got to the root of motivating and inspiring people to be their very best selves.”“What kept coming up again and again was the confidence issue.”The Good Girl Paradox:  “We were born into a society that when the doctor said, ‘It’s a girl!’, there were already preconceived notions about what type life we would live, how we would be in this world…. It is still very much engrained in our society that little girls are born into a world where they should follow the rules and not question them.”Imposter syndrome linked to:  (1) loss of confidence and (2) lack of "risky play".“We think playing by the rules will keep us safe and we do not necessarily take risks.  Risks are what create confidence”“It’s not that I don’t have it anymore (imposter syndrome); I now know how to manage it. I now know how to recognize it and I know how to quiet the inner ‘mean girl’ voice so I can keep moving forward’.”Insanely Brave Moments (IBMs):  “50% exciting and 50% super scary”.  Schedule them in you life!In Angela’s surveys:  87% of women felt responsible for doing it all.  82% of women felt constantly exhausted and depleted.“It’s not about being more productive.  It truly is not. It is about balancing and recognizing what you put on your ‘to do’ list is 10 days worth of ‘to dos’. ”“Build relationships across the white spaces.”
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