70 minutes | Apr 5, 2020

Empowering Women Podcast S2: Suzane Greeman, Asset Management Strategist, Engineer, & Entrepreneur -- Topic: Taking Up Space

Episode 3 (Season 2) of the Empowering Women Podcast

GUEST: Suzane Greeman on 'Taking up Space' -- Asset Management Strategist, Instructor, International Keynote Speaker, and Author of Risk-based Asset Criticality Assessment


BIO: Ms. Suzane Greeman is author of Risk-based Asset Criticality Assessment (R-b ACA©) Handbook: A practical guide to improve asset criticality by incorporating asset, risk, quality and business management principles!  She is a Physical Asset Management expert, and certified asset, maintenance and quality management professional with over 22 years of experience. Her career has spanned asset-intensive industries, including heavy manufacturing, power generation, waste water and consulting/professional services. Suzane is a visionary in delivering results to large and established public and private sector organizations in identifying and realizing significant continuous improvements and maintenance process re-engineering. She has cultivated an exceptional knowledge of and experience base in asset, maintenance and supply chain management, engineering, environmental, health and safety (safe work practices), quality control, change management and risk management principles. Extensive background in leading major capital projects. Finally, Suzane has managed budgets up to $200 million U.S. She is adept in financial analysis, financial planning, asset management, accounting standards for capitalization of turnaround costs, and KPI development and analysis.


Notable Quotes:

“How do we position the assets to give the best performance, while at the same time, managing these 3-dimensional risks that are hitting us and then, managing the costs to deliver the performance, and costs to mitigate the risks we’re encountering”


“We have unprecedented numbers of women in industrial jobs. But what that did is… in turn shedding light on how much of a gap still exists between men and women in these roles - in particular at the senior levels, and at the entrepreneur levels.”


“Taking up space, for me, means using professional gravitas to be relevant. In the professional sense, I am defining professional  gravitas as having professional weight, seriousness, and dignity about yourself and about your career.”


“If you’re following your dreams, they will also be inclined to follow their dreams. So, it’s a knock on effect on your family.” Suzane Greman on Taking up Space and the impact it can have in your personal life. 


“Risk is multi-dimensional. The more input and the more triangulation you have into identifying and treating risk, the more successful that organization is going to be.”


“By themselves, gifts and talents just aren’t enough. You have to hone them. Your energy, then, is your light, your passion. People sense it, they feel it. It is the aftertaste you leave after you’ve left a room. Everybody has it. Everybody has a light, even darkness. So, your light and your passion, what you have to do along with your gifts and talents is -- you have to learn what they are, you have to hone them, and you have to integrate them with your other assets.”


“We have the people who have 22 years of experience, but it’s really 1 year of experience 22 times… What we’re focusing on is with each passing year, month, day, that you’re adding something to the experience that you have....”


“How well do you deliver anything? So

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