58 minutes | May 3, 2020

Empowering Women Podcast S2: Erika Armstrong, Pilot, Instructor, and Author of A Chick in the Cockpit

Episode 5 (Season 2) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Erika Armstrong -- Pilot, Instructor, & Author   BIO: Erika Armstrong is an international corporate and airline pilot/captain, published author, writer for seven national aviation magazines. She is an Aviation Professor at MSU Denver, a Director of Instructional Design and the VP of Business Development for Advanced Aircrew Academy. During her thirty years in aviation she has worked in all aspects of the industry. From the friendly front desk CSR of a busy FBO, to the captain's seat of a Boeing 727-200. Her education includes a BA in International Business, Economics and Culture from the University of Denver, with additional education through the University of Minnesota's journalism program, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical. Armstrong’s writing can be found at Plane & Pilot, Colorado Serenity magazine, Mountain Connection, Disciples of Flight, NYCAviation, Contrails, Airline Reporter, Consumer Affairs, Flying.com, Mentor and Business Insider. Learn more about Erika Armstrong and her writing and speaking at A Chick in the Cockpit.    Notable Quotes: “Women in Aviation groups are all trying to make an effort to at least put that thought in little girls’ heads that - You can do this if you want to. It’s really important for all of us in the aviation field to go into a classroom and talk about your career; talk about the things you get to do. [Aviation] truly is a fabulous industry.”   “Women are cognizant that even though we’ve broken through the glass ceiling in the skies, we’re still the ones that have to pick up all the broken glass.”   “We’ve more than proven that we can be where we need to be. We can be in the board rooms, we can be in the captain’s seat. We can do all those things as well as men… but the reality of our lives is that we are still the ones who come home and do the grocery shopping, clean the houses, take care of the children. There’s an exception here and there, but the vast majority of women - they tell us to lean into our jobs and we do all that, but we still have to come in and do all those things that women do within the family construct. We’ve created double the work… creating that happiness, that level of ease of being a person in the world, it’s been a challenge for us. We’ve pushed really hard to get where we are; we’ve doubled our load…. Truly supporting each other is so important. Making other women feel that other people understand their challenges.  That’s what I like about seeing all these support groups out there.”   “It’s so important that we help each other out. We’re all going to have our moments of failure and success, and to be able to share both of those is very important.”   “Thought leaders don’t want you to just agree with them. Lead implies follow. Thought lead means lead into thought.”  
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