60 minutes | Jul 12, 2020

Empowering Women Podcast S2: Cheryl Merchant, CEO of TACO Comfort Solutions

Episode 10 (Season 2) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Cheryl Merchant, CEO of TACO Comfort Solutions BIO: On January 1, 2019, Cheryl Merchant joined TACO as President of North American and was promoted to CEO in March of 2020. Prior to this, she held the position of President and CEO of Hope Global for nearly 20 years.   Before Cheryl became the President and CEO of Hope Global in 1999, Cheryl built her career from the shop floor to top management in leading operations around the world with the automotive industry giants of General Motors, Mazda, Ford Motor Co. and Lear Corporation. Under her leadership, Hope Global’s sales more than tripled and operations grew beyond world-wide headquarters and manufacturing facility in Rhode Island to include manufacturing facilities in Mexico, China, and the Czech Republic. There, she built a team of experts, united and driven to take the company to unprecedented levels of growth.   A recognized industry and community leader, Cheryl has been honored with two honorary Doctorate degrees, and was named 2014 New England Business Woman of the Year.   Her specialities include: Mergers and acquisitions (most recently: purchased with extensive due diligence and merged 2 companies in last 2 years), general operations (lean manufacturing, supply chain management, production consolidation (closed operations in France and Ireland to consolidated into Czech Republic), develop management in all levels, and Financial oversight of P&Ls, balance sheet and Cash Flow.   Notable Podcast Episode Quotes:   “The company has to succeed or none of us succeed”   “I learned that there’s so much more to a total company business. There’s the banking, there’s understanding the entire picture of your value - your name… ”   “I believe the entire C-suite is responsible for every piece. I don’t care if your marketing or production - we’re responsible for the whole picture. ”   “It doesn’t do any good to sit from your end of the boat and point to another executive and say, ‘uh - you have a hole - your end of the boat is leaking...’ we’re in one boat. And it’s the same thing when you’re all in the same pool -- you don’t want anybody using it as a bathroom.”   “You’re not in the room as a token.”   Books Discussed: No Ceilings, No Wall by Susan Colantuono   The Coffee Bean  Speed of Trust by Steven Covey 
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