68 minutes | Oct 4, 2020

Empowering Women Podcast S2: Bonnie Marcus, The Politics of Promotion

Episode 14 (Season 2) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Bonnie Marcus on Leadership and The Politics of Promotion BIO: Bonnie Marcus is an executive coach, author, and international speaker with a passion for helping professional women gain the visibility and credibility they need to have a fulfilling career. She works with high achieving women in corporate settings who want to move up and assume leadership positions. Bonnie helps them navigate the workplace politics and get the promotions they deserve.   LINKS Bonnie Marcus' Website  Bonnie's Twitter @SelfPromote   Bonnie's LinkedIn Bonnie on Forbes    Notable Episode Quotes: “Assumptions keep us apart. Assumptions keep us small. You know, we often put people in categories based on their age, their gender, their race, their educational background, all these things and it keeps us from really understanding other people, and building strong relationships.” “If there are women who have made it to senior leadership, take a look, use them as role models. How do they communicate? What kind of relationships have they built? What’s their client base? What kind of projects do they work on? How do they leverage their work for increased visibility?” “People are too busy with their own stuff to go out of their way to recognize and reward you for your work. It’s your responsibility to let others know… And it’s not just a selfish, self-serving thing. If you’re getting great results because you tried a new approach to a project, say, it will benefit your colleagues, it will benefit the organization if you let people know how you got those results. Everybody can learn from it. So we need to rethink about self-promotion as just being self-serving, and think about how our work and the results we get and the lessons we’ve learned can benefit the organization as a whole.” “Your value proposition is how your work contributes to positive business outcomes. It’s not your job description.” “You can’t build a network, you can’t build a career in a vacuum. We need to understand how important a network is before we really need it. We need to build an intentional and supportive network before we’re desperate...” “The danger of making assumptions… Sometimes that’s our blindspot. We believe, very often, that there’s a level playing field, that our work alone will get us ahead. We believe that if we work really hard, that’s going to help us. We assume certain things about the culture in our organization without really looking under the covers and understanding what that culture is about and how best to navigate within it. We assume that certain people in the organization behave the way they do because of X, Y, Z. We don’t really get to know people. Assumptions keep us apart. Assumptions keep us small… It keeps us from
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