59 minutes | Aug 9, 2020

Empowering Women Podcast S2: Barbara Trautlein, Change Intelligence

Episode 12 (Season 2) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Barbara Trautlein, Change Intelligence, Change Catalysts BIO: Barbara Trautlein has a PhD in Organizational Psychology and is the founder and principal of Change Catalysts, LLC. Their mission is to catalyze successful and sustainable change by partnering with clients to plan, execute, and enhance organizational, team, and individual performance, through their deep expertise in Change Management and Leadership Development.   Barbara is the author of Change Intelligence and  was also the keynote speaker at the inaugural 2019 Empowering Women in Industry conference.    Notable Episode Quotes:   “I believe we are all change leaders, regardless of tenure, title or role.”   “The definition of Change Intelligence is: the awareness of our style of leading change, and the ability to adapt our style across people and situations… People tend to lead change from four different focus areas -- Head, Heart, and/or the Hands...”   “The more options we have, the more power we have.”   “What looks like resistance is really a powerful source of information that we can use, as change leaders, to change the only think we can, which is ourselves -- to reframe what looks like resistance from our enemy to our ally.”   “Relationships get results.”   “Change is threatening when done to us, exhilarating when done by us.”  -Rosabeth Moss Kanter   “The higher you go in any organization, the harder it is to get any feedback at all, let alone real time and actionable feedback.”   “What you see depends on where you sit.”   Recommended Books: Change Intelligence by Barbara Traulein, PhD The Change Masters by Rosabeth Moss Kanter  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni 
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