50 minutes | Jun 28, 2020

Empowering Women Podcast S2: Aneesa Muthana, CEO of Pioneer Service, Inc.

Episode 9 (Season 2) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Aneesa Muthana, President, CEO and Co-owner of manufacturing company Pioneer Service, Inc.    BIO: "Manufacturers are makers. The process of bringing people together to MAKE something that will go on to serve a bigger purpose is where my passion lies. Knowing that the parts that leave my shop are contributing to the world at large, touching lives, and benefiting people fuels my passion. I am the President, CEO and co-owner of Pioneer Service Inc., a certified women-owned and operated small business (WBE/WOSB) providing precision machined parts since 1990. I am a hands-on leader with extensive experience in almost every aspect of a production machining environment. My success was only possible through building a high-performance team that embraces leading-edge technology. I believe in building relationships both inside and outside of my company, and in the strength of inclusivity in an industry where success can only be earned, and never given. "   Notable Podcast Episode Quotes:   “I chose to step up and really put everything in my company, work really hard. I was always told that, ‘you’re probably going to end up back at your father’s place!’ I’d joke and say, ‘I’ll learn how to say - do you want fries with that?’ before that would happen”   “Being in this country and being in the land of opportunity - even today if something were to happen to Pioneer, God forbid, I don’t believe that that’s the end of my career… I always believe that because of the obstacles I’m facing it’s only pushing me in another direction where there’s more success to attain.”   “Once you have good leaders in place, and I’m not talking about just managers, I’m talking about high-performing leaders in place. Then, it is your job as the CEO or President to take the back seat and let them make their mistakes, and let them thrive. And let them also feel the rewards of that accomplishment.”   “I will definitely hire based on personality, based on drive, over skill every day.”   “In 2020, as I walk into board meetings, as I lead trade association talks, I see it. I’m not naive.… I hear the comments. I see the faces of those that question my presence in “their” environment. But I don’t let *that deter me from doing what I love.”   “I believe the most crucial lesson my parents taught me was Amana. And that’s an Arabic word that means respect, trust, accountability, and responsibility… and I try to lead that way. It’s really having the empathy and understanding that the people I’m leading are counting on me, are counting on my decisions...”   “You can’t separate your personal and your professional life when it comes to your core values. They have to both be aligned. And what you want for your kids is what you should want for the people that work under you. Not that they should be referred to as children, but it just puts it into perspective. You should always be looking out for the best, and not just the bottom line.”   “My business strategy has always been and always will be - people first. Does that mean I don’t look at the profit margins? Does it mean that it’s not important? Of course not! It’s important. But it’s
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