12 minutes | Jun 7, 2019

Episode 11: Dreams & Storytelling

Dreams. Not the goal setting, life changing, intention setting dreams.. I’m talking about the dreams our minds concoct in the middle of the night. The far away land that seems so unrealistic when we awake it often leaves us feeling like we were in another world.. in another time.   I’ve had some very, very interesting dreams throughout my life.. and I will share in a bit.. but first, let’s talk dreams in a more informative light.  What Are Dreams? Our dreams are made up of  a combination of thoughts, images, and emotions.  The majority of our dreams are thought out during our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.  The period of REM usually takes up close to a quarter of our sleep, or roughly around 120 minutes a night.  Most people over the age of 10 start having up to 4 to 6 dreams per night and that we lose up to 90% of our dream in the first minute of waking up. The FIRST MINUTE of waking up.. that’s crazy!! I am not sure what I believe.. why dreams exist and what do they mean? I write down some of my dreams, analyze the hell out of them, and then some mornings I wake up and say, “Why was I dreaming of that?!”  Understood or not.. dreams are fascinating. Are these stories living deep in my subconscious and they’re so comfortably tucked away that they only surface when I am in a deep sleep? I don’t know. Are my dreams hidden feelings that lie dormant until something in my waking life triggers them and then they magically appear in dreamland? I’m not sure. Are they predications or hidden jewels that secretly help guide me? Are they pushing my conscious mind to take note of a certain area in my life, a certain relationship, that needs attention or that needs a shift? Maybe. I have no idea. But, they fascinate me. How strange is it to think that we visualize this moment in time and space, physically seeing ourselves in that moment, feeling things, smelling things, touching things… and NONE OF IT IS REAL? I mean, c’mon, is that not amazing?? Why do dreams exist? What do they mean? Will we ever know?   
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