93 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Episode 46: ElfQuest - The Audio Movie Livestream

This special episode features the recording of the Livestream event announcing ElfQuest: The Audio Movie and the crowdfunding campaign to support it. Listen as The ElfQuest Show podcast host David "Thornbrake" Mizejewski kicks off the event with some ElfQuest trivia, then hear from the incredibly talented people working to create this latest iteration of ElfQuest. Also featured is an interview with Wendy and Richard Pini (including Wendy's demonstration of what the Wolfriders' signature "Ayoooah!" call really sounds like)all about the project and a teaser of some of the actual music that's been developed. Find out more about the project, how to support it, and details on the exciting and EXCLUSIVE fan rewards for project backers at www.elfquest.com/audio-movie.
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