87 minutes | Aug 2, 2020

Episode 44: Stargazer's Hunt #3

My good friend and fellow long-time ElfQuest fan Heather Beschizza joins me for a discussion all about issue 3 of "ElfQuest - Stargazer's Hunt." Heather and I chat about Skywise's titular hunt and the melancholy turn it takes in this issue. We also unpack Timmain's empathy, parallels between Rayek and Skywise, Sunstream's goodbye to Cutter, Thistlecap the Preserver, Jink's growth (both physically and as a character), why Yun is a boss, and the nature of "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey." And we of course freak out over the reveal of the real name of Cutter and Leetah's third cub. You didn't really think it was "Chad," did you?
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