156 minutes | Oct 19, 2016

Episode 27: The Final Quest Issue #16

In this episode we focus on issue #16 of the Final Quest and continue the conversation about Rayek's attack on the humans, then dive into Reef's encounter with Winnowill, Korafay's floating ability, the origins of the "Scary Ones," the role of both Cutter's key and Two-Edge in the next Quest--and like the issue, much, much more. Here's the link to Julia Ecklar's website where you can get her song "The Troll King's Dream" and more: http://prometheus-music.com/horsetamer.html. Here's the link to the Elfquest Collectors YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaPDpFJq7Ud10GRXSzRUZA Here's the link to purchase Wendy's amazing "Transformed by Caring" print to support the National Wildlife Federation. http://savelacougars.myshopify.com/products/coming-soon-p-22-transformed-by-caring-print Editor's Note: We had some sound issues with the Skype recording this time, and David's voice goes in and out a few times. Our apologies.
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