16 minutes | Aug 10, 2021

Save 20 Hours a Week With These 7 Free Tools

As a business owner, you KNOW you’re the one holding it all together, and maybe even the idea of automating or delegating seems too daunting to fathom starting down that road... But what if you could start small?What if you could reclaim minutes (remember, we’re starting tiny!) in your day every single day? Trust me when I say these minutes add up to a LOT of the time you’re wasting in your business — an average of about 20 hours a week! Just imagine all you could do with that time instead!Even better, what if you could reclaim these vital pieces of time simply, painlessly, and for FREE?BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING TODAY, YOU’LL DISCOVER: The two biggest time sucks of every entrepreneur (and what you can do about them!)7 free tools that WILL save you 20 hours a weekWhy starting small and saving these minutes will save your sanity as a business ownerIf this episode inspires you in some way, leave us a review and let us know your biggest takeaway. And while you've got your phone out, make sure to follow us on Instagram @theeffortlesslife.co for more quick tips on how to simplify your workflows so you can spend more time in your zone of genius.Instacart - Groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour. Free delivery on your first order over $35.
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