59 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

Episode 15 -Sorting Through Addiction and Recovery with Jessie Hakala

Enjoy this episode with my wonderful guest and friend, Jessie. Someone who has intense first had experience of how addiction can turn a life upside down. Fortunately (for her, my and anyone listening) she was able to find recovery and form a completely new life that provides her with more meaning and joy than she ever thought possible. I hope that you enjoy this discussion as much as I did.  A few resources from Jessie: As promised, below is a link which will direct to USARA. (addiction recovery services) They offer multiple pathways into recovery classes. Trauma informed classes, 12 step, peer support coaching and family support.  Best part, at no charge to the public. www.myusara.com   Here is also a link to 12 step meetings…. (you can search by the area you reside) www.Utahaa.org   Mental Health resources and support… www.namiutah.org
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