37 minutes | Sep 13, 2019

162 - Competency-Based Education in China

What's in this episode?

Hello everyone! 

In this week’s episode, we travel nearly 5000 miles from the UK to China, to talk about increasing interest in competency based education. Plus, a listener news item on a new partnership on UK Maths Edtech.    First up, you’ll hear Edtech Podcast listener Sonnie Tan interviewing the Founder of KitCat, Michael Huang. In this interview with Sonnie, Michael talks about how he think the Gaokao exam will slowly develop to recognise student’s more creative needs, as well as knowledge of cutting edge technologies, and how to apply them, such as AI.    Our second interview is with Yiwei Zhang, Director of International EdTech Projects at Rayee. Rayee is a knowledge provider on education within China, with a focus on well-rounded education rather than the exam-orientated K-12 after school tutoring market that you may have heard a lot about. In this recording you’ll hear from Yiwei about how shopping malls are providing space for students to broaden their learning, whilst their parents enjoy some recreation. What do you think about this set up?    

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  • Sophie Bailey is the Founder and Presenter of The Edtech Podcast | Twitter: @podcastedtech
  • Michael Huang 黄锐诚, Founder, Kacademy and Kitcat

  • Yiwei Zhang, Director of International EdTech Projects at Rayee.

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