57 minutes | Oct 1st 2018

4—You Need a Platform, with Keith Lee

This week I'm talking to Keith Lee about his blog Associate's Mind, his book The Marble and the Sculptor, and what he's planning to write next. What came up again and again was how important it is to have a platform as a writer. You need to build and audience. And when you write something—a book especially—you have to own it; no one else is going to promote it for you. Keep listening for how Keith built his own platform, his own audience, and how it's helping him plan for his next book. Segments • Intro • Keith's blog, Associate's Mind (2:09) • Keith's book, The Marble and the Sculptor (20:19) • Keith's next book (38:00) Books and Links • Twitter, @associatesmind https://twitter.com/associatesmind • Associate's Mind: https://associatesmind.com/ • The Marble and the Sculptor: http://a.co/d/id6hzJS • LawyerSmack: https://www.lawyersmack.com/ • Jeremy Richter: https://www.jeremywrichter.com/ • Building a Better Law Practice: https://bit.ly/2NeqGtF
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