51 minutes | Dec 19, 2019

#94 Sabrina Runbeck - preventing burnout and reconnecting with your career

Sabrina Runbeck is a surgical medical expert and the queen of productivity.  She’s on a mission to help 10,000 people to feel good, look good, waking up each day energized and fulfilled, instead of dreading the need to work for the same thing just another day.

After working 80+ hours a week in healthcare, Sabrina cracked the code to working smarter, not harder. She noticed that there are people in the healthcare arena who love their work and are able to always make to their workout class, go to brunch or happy hour with family and friends, while the rest of the professionals are grinding day by day and regretting their years of hard work to make it there. 

Now, she has found a passion in helping professionals with high-demanding careers to live the lifestyle they deserve, so they can enjoy their success. She believes everyone has the inner ability to gain more control and find life's satisfactions, so she is on a mission to help them succeed.

Sabrina talks to Ed Andrew about choosing a career that you love not your parents, being accountable for your decisions, the three stages of stress and burnout, the power of breath work and having a daily meditative and reflective practice, setting boundaries and keeping to them.  

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