41 minutes | Sep 7th 2020

The Power of Using Topical Nutrition as “Medicine” For Your Skin - S4E23 [Rebroadcast]

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In today’s episode, you’ll learn from one of the most knowledgable guests that I have met in the natural skincare industry.

Meet Ben Fuchs - he is a registered pharmacist, skin formulator, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist. He's a skin expert who was trained by the man who invented Blistex, and has since then been formulating skin care products for 33 years!

He has also been lecturing nationwide on the strategic use of cosmetics and nutritional supplementation for healthy skin and bodies since 1991.

He believes that you can manipulate the body by using topical products to change the skin.

*In today’s podcast, we will cover:

  • How you can effectively use “topical nutrition” to heal & seal the skin
  • Do expensive creams really work?
  • How well DIY creams work
  • How you can assess how well your skincare product is working
  • Ben’s professional thoughts on Cetaphil and Aveeno (and how effective they really are)
  • The best vitamins for your skin
  • How Vitamin A, C, Zinc & Selenium play a primary role in the health of your skin
  • Whether your skin product actually works if it is placed on the surface of your skin


To learn more, you can visit Ben and his Truth Treatments products, you can visit his website here.   *Use the code havethetruth20 to get 10% off your purchase!*

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