29 minutes | Aug 29th 2020

How Parasites and Candida Affect Your Eczema - S4E22 [Rebroadcast]

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In this episode, I interview Jennifer Papaconstantinou (who's a Clinical Nutritionist, a Nutrition Teacher, BASE Allergy Therapist & Live Blood Cell Analyst) about how parasites and candida can affect eczema. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treating people with it. In addition, her daughter had suffered from eczema and other health problems when she was younger (her daughter was on 10 medications!). Jennifer had managed to heal her daughter's eczema and get her off of all 10 medications using natural remedies.

Today, Jennifer shares her experience of treating clients with eczema and how she treats it successfully from the inside out. Since my interview with her, I have also followed a parasite cleanse with Jennifer and have seen great results and my skin has gotten much softer. Click here to read about my full experience with her and to learn more about this: http://wp.me/p41rtB-Z3.



  • How parasites and candida affect your skin and eczema
  • Why you should never buy a DIY parasite cleanse kit from a health food store and attempt it yourself
  • How we contract parasites and what we can do to get rid of it
  • How the adrenals affect eczema
  • Why diet is important in healing eczema
  • Why the endocrine system will affect your eczema
  • How candida affects your eczema and what you can do about it
  • How to begin healing your body
  • Why healing digestion is important


Click here to read the full blog post or watch the video podcast:





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