47 minutes | Jul 18, 2021

Can live blood cell analysis help eczema and TSW? (S5E15)

What is live blood cell analysis? Can it really help eczema or topical steroid withdrawal (TSW)? You'll learn all about it in this episode. My guest, Jennifer, shares how live blood cell analysis has been able to help her clients. Jennifer also shares how important it is to find a proper practitioner who knows how to give a protocol after you get live blood cell analysis done. This modality can be used for both kids and adults (I have personally had it done for myself and my son, ever since he was young).    -----------------------   For more eczema tips, follow Abby on: Facebook - facebook.com/eczemaconquerors Instagram - instagram.com/eczemaconquerors YouTube -  youtube.com/user/eczemaconquerors Website - eczemaconquerors.com Want more eczema resources?  Shop my Conqueror line of products to help your skin find relief ere: https://store.primephysiquenutrition.com/collections/all *Use the code PODCAST10 for 10% off your order here.  
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