34 minutes | Aug 3, 2021

315: Easy Wins for Emerging Brands: Tactical Things to Implement Today to Scale Up

In this episode we have a handful of quick and easy wins that have been tested and proven to increase revenue. If you’re looking for a win that also saves you time - it’s in here.  Lisa Byrnes is a marketing and business coach. She's also a member of the Coalition, our community of 250+ eCommerce business owners and experts.  After 17 years managing multi-million dollar brands, Lisa left her corporate job and started her own marketing business to support emerging eCommerce business owners (specifically women) build their marketing strategy and fulfill their own dreams.  We’re talking tactical easy wins for emerging brands ($10k - $50k) and this episode is filled with great action items that won’t take much time but could have a big impact on your business.  Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:47 Why Lisa started her coaching business and her focus on female entrepreneurs 7:33 The biggest mistakes emerging brands make 10:10 Strategy: marketing towards a persona instead of a demographic 13:17 Common website mistakes that are easy to fix  16:00 How to tell your authentic brand story & and the marketing power of a founders face 18:50 Brands who successfully showcase the founder as the face of the brand  22:12 Easy things to do to engage with customers  25:26 How to focus and not immediately dive into the next new and exciting marketing idea  29:09 How the Coalition has helped Lisa grow her business  29:57 Voice of customer copywriting technique  31:36 One thing to take away from this episode and implement this week  Resources: Lisa’s Website @lisabyrnemarketing on Instagram The Coalition @a_brawn on Twitter Review or subscribe on iTunes
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