24 minutes | Mar 20th 2020

Episode 59: Signs of Recovery Unrelated to Weight

Episode 59: Signs of Recovery Unrelated to Weight Today, we’re talking about 5 signs you’re recovering! The best part is these signs have nothing to do with weight. The signs include: 1)Improved sleep 2)Feeling more present in your life 3)Saying “no” 4)Having fun! 5)Improving relationships Get your copy of Dr. Anderson’s book, Recover Your Perspective, onAmazon.com! This podcast is hosted and produced by Janean Anderson, Ph.D., CEDS-S. Dr.Anderson is a licensed psychologist, author, and podcast host. She holds the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation from the International Association of EatingDisorder Professionals (IAEDP). She is the Founder and Director of Colorado Therapy& Assessment Center, an outpatient treatment center in Denver, Colorado that specializes in eating disorders.Dr. Anderson also provides private, one-on-one recovery coaching for listeners of the podcast and for treatment providers seeking supervision and consultation for their CEDS. Interested? Email for more info: podcast@eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com To learn more about the podcast, visit www.eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com. Follow Dr. Anderson’s work here: Facebook.com/DrAndersonAuthorFacebook.com/DrJaneanAnderson Twitter.com/DrJaneanInstagram @drjaneananderson Get emails about Dr. Anderson’s writing and other happenings at www.eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com This podcast is sponsored by EDCare.EDCare has provided PHP, IOP & Outpatient treatment for all genders,18 and over, since 2001.CAMSA ( which stands for Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of Self &Action), is EDCare’s mindfulness-based treatment approach and is incorporated into each individualized treatment plan. Facilities are located in Denver, Colorado Springs and Kansas City and all treatment is supported by Masters’ Level Clinicians or higher.EDCare offers 4 specialty tracks (BED, ELITE Athlete, Substance Use, & Trauma), and the Connections House, an affordable supportive housing component, adds an extra layer of supervised support. www.eatingdisorder.care or (866)771-0861
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