97 minutes | Sep 13th 2020

Easy Allies Podcast #231 - September 11, 2020

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Xbox had a week of price and launch date announcements they didn’t plan for, but somehow managed to still pull off with impressive results. In the midst of this historic week in the battle for next-gen supremacy, Ubisoft tries to steer the focus away from their internal mistakes and on to a few big end-of-year releases, and Nintendo drops some musou news worth celebrating.

00:00:58 - Corrections

00:03:23 - Silver Lining

00:04:32 - Ubisoft Forward

00:21:40 - Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

00:33:07 - A Word From Our Sponsor

00:36:17 - Xbox Series S Announcements

00:48:37 - Xbox Series X Announcements

01:00:07 - EA Play Coming to Game Pass

01:04:47 - Also This Week...

01:09:56 - L&R - Too Good at Tony Hawk

01:16:38 - L&R - Game: Guess That Gaming Engine

01:20:24 - L&R - What games need random dice rolls?

01:24:17 - L&R - What gaming memoirs do we want?

01:29:05 - Time for Bets

01:34:31 - Closing

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