58 minutes | Jul 6th 2018

How Schools Kill Motivation & How to Regain It with Dr. Peter Gray

Dr. Peter Gray is a research psychologist, viral TEDx presenter, professor at Boston college, author, and a brilliant and controversial learning theorist. Dr. Gray’s research specializes in the role and importance of play in learning, and how non traditional student-driven educational environments affect students in the long term, like the Unschooling and Sudbury movements.

In this episode, we discussed a range of topics and questions, including:

  • Do kids need school to become well educated? (Dr. Gray’s research indicates that they do not!)
  • What techniques can we use to infuse a sense of play and intrinsic motivation in your child and in every day adult life?

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"When traditional schools kill a child’s motivation, you can help regain it by involving more play both in and out of the classroom, throughout all aspects of learning. Focus on the process of learning, not just the end goal.” — Dr. Peter Gray

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