15 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

108 The Touchy and Complicated Subject of Mental Health

Welcome to 109 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast, Your library of lessons to better your leadership, and today I am heading into a touchy area. Mental Health.This week in Australia, the story of Brent Draper, a contestant on MasterChef Australia, pulled out of the show citing mental health reasons.I don't necessarily want to go into the specifics, except to say that his decision has been lauded as being courageous. In fact one respected commentator said the following:"My first reaction to his decision was - Bravo Brother. He was courageous enough to admit to the judge that the peer pressure was affecting his sleep, cooking, and pretty much everything.For more lessons from Lousy Leaders get on over The Dumb Leaders Handbook at dumbleaders.com. Provide feedback, ask questions, and contact us via our contact page. Thanks for listening.
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