17 minutes | May 26, 2021

#106 The Collision Between Victimhood, Ego and Self-Delusion

Welcome to the TDL 106. Today I want to share a recent experience that occurred in my network, and I have labeled it the collision between Victimhood, Ego, and Delusion. I can't tell you, it doesn't end well.Let's start by providing some personal definitions.Victimhood, when you are telling yourself the story, life is unfair, it's always some else fault that you aren't getting ahead, that the world is fundamentally unfair and you blame the world for your predicament. You are the victim of your own storyEgo - can be healthy or it can be destructive, in this case, the ego and self-centredness is strong, but it's not founded on reality, it's founded on a delusional sense of importance, a delusional look at the value being brought to the world.Mixed with the ego, is the sense of status. Creation of a job title that sounds important, but in reality isn't as. Calling yourself a senior manager doesn't make you one. Importantly the perception that perks come with title and self-importance, creates entitlement and an expectation.Thanks for tuning in Check out dumbleaders.com for your library of lessons from lousy leaders.
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