23 minutes | Feb 8th 2017

Identifying the Drug Abuser

Identifying Drug Abuse In this episode of the Drug Training Podcast, I'll give you the clues you need in identifying drug abuse. I'll start off with how people take drugs into their body, which gives you understanding of some of the signs of drug abuse. Then I'll move along and give you more clues in identifying drug abuse and talk about overall signs and symptoms. BOLO In the BOLO segment, I'll talk about the "drug" Tesla. Tesla isn't a new drug, but a very powerful drug that is often abused. You'll find out why there are so many overdoses with this drug. Links Here are helpful links from some of the stuff we talked about in this podcast. You can check out the article on Tesla here You can get to our class Current Drug Trends by clicking on the picture below. He Knows a Little About Identifying Drug Abuse... But his specialty is being a MotorCop! Don't forget to follow MotorCop on his Podcast, the Crossover Show. Don't Forget to subscribe, rate and review on iTunes!
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