15 minutes | Feb 15th 2017

Episode 008: Sizzurp & Salvia

Sizzurp & Salvia In this week's Drug Training Podcast, I'll be answering two listeners questions about two separate and distinct drugs. Sizzurp is an opiate drug while Salvia is a fast acting and short duration hallucinogen. During the podcast, I reference videos that can be viewed. Those videos will be at the bottom of the page. BOLO In this week's BOLO segment, I talk about an article that describes a test done on random samples of dispensary marijuana that found 90% contained fungus or molds! That presents a huge danger to law enforcement that is tasked with dismantling these grows. I'll talk about the danger and the safety equipment you should have. Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate and Review me on iTunes If you liked the information in this podcast, you'll love the information in our Current Drug Trends Course. Did the BOLO segment make you a little more aware of the need for safety equipment in marijuana grows? Check out our course, BHO Investigations, to get more information on how to stay safe in BHO labs.  
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