14 minutes | Jan 25th 2017

Episode 005: Drugs Used to Facilitate Rape

The press will have you believe that GHB and Ronypnol are the drugs that are used in every drug facilitated sexual assault. However, those drugs only make up 5% of all DFSA drugs. What drugs are used to facilitate rape? You'll learn the answer in this weeks Drug Training Podcast.   BOLO In this weeks BOLO, we will talk about a W. Virginia sheriff who plead guilty for stealing methamphetamine from police cases. The sheriff admitted he was a meth addict. I'll talk about this case as well as the overall incidence of drug abuse by police officers. Want to Learn More About Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault? Take our latest online course. It is packed with information on how to solve cases like this.   Earn a Free Course! Each month, I will take one five star reviewer and give them a free e-course. Winners will be announced at the end of a podcast each month. All you have to do to enter is enter a five star review on iTunes! SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Don't forget to go to that link and rate and review us too!
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