14 minutes | Jan 18th 2017

Episode 004 Kratom: the (for now) Legal High

Kratom. A lot of people haven't heard a lot about it. But, the DEA just scheduled it as a schedule I drug: then they immediately withdrew their decision. Why did they do that? Why was there so much political pressure to keep it off of the controlled substances act? Why should you even care about Kratom? Because people are getting high on it! This podcast episode has an accompanying blog post: What is Kratom and Why Did the DEA Try to Make it a Schedule 1 Drug? BOLO In this weeks BOLO, we will talk about 3 police officers that were exposed, adversely, to fentanyl. What happened to them, how it happened, how you can avoid the same type of situation and how to decontaminate yourself from fentanyl esposure. The accompanying blog post can be viewed here: 3 Officers Exposed to Fentanyl: 3 Steps to Prevent Exposure and Decontaminate Yourself Online Course: The course Current Drug Trends, Including the Latest on Synthetic Drugs will help you in staying safe from becoming exposed to fentanyl. Earn a Free Course! Each month, I will take one five star reviewer and give them a free e-course. Winners will be announced at the end of a podcast each month. All you have to do to enter is enter a five star review on iTunes! SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Don't forget to go to that link and rate and review us too!
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